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The Dog Days of Summer: Keeping Your Dog Cool

The Dog Days of Summer Keeping Your Dog Cool

Dogs can get overheated, just like humans. Unfortunately, dogs cannot sweat to help their body cool down. Some signs that your dog is overheating include: excessive panting, lack of urine, vomiting, drooling, or off colored gums. Your dog will want to enjoy the sunshine with you this summer, but be sure to keep them comfortable and look out for warning signs that they are too hot. Here are some tips to help you keep your dog safe this summer:

  1. Always have a shaded area for your dog. Ensure you have a spot where your dog can rest and cool down.
  2. Give your dog extra water. Make sure your dog has plenty of water to drink. Consider buying a kiddie pool that is designated for your dog to get in and cool down.
  3. Make your dog their own popsicles! *see recipe below.
  4. Do not go on pavements walks mid-day. Avoid pavement during the hottest parts of the day. Your dog’s paws are very sensitive to the extreme heat and your dog can be seriously injured if they are on hot pavement. Take your dog on walks in the very early morning or after dark to prevent injury.